History of farm ownership in Sixtowns from 1882.


Farms have always changed hands over the generations in the Sixtowns. Many farms were handed down to a person in the next generation of the family but others were sold to other farmers where there were nobody left in the family to take over. Below are listed some of the changes which have taken place in the various townlands down the years:




Bridget (Quinn) McCullagh to Peter Molloy. (close to Altbane bridge)

Michael Quinn to Bernard Quinn to Thomas Quinn to Henry Quinn.
(There was a herd`s house belonging to James Conway)

Edward McKenna (Drumconready) to James McNally. (1870)

Francis Bradley (Eoin) to Arthur McNally to Paddy McNally.

Michael McConomy to Thomas McConomy to Barney Conway (Tammy).

Mary McConomy to Bernard McConomy

James McCrory to Edward Kelly (Ned) to Barney Conway

James Bradley to John Bradley (Jamie Ned) to James O`Hagan to Andy Church.

Brian Clerkin to Alice Clerkin to John P Bradley.

James Clerkin to Hugh McNamee to Johnnie McNamee.

Francis Kelly to John Kelly to Patrick McNally

Pat Kielt to Michael Kielt /Pat Connolly to Pat Kielt to Frank McKenna to Paddy McKenna (Billy).
Michael Campbell to Frank Conway to Raymond Askin to John Kelly .

Michael McConomy(Ned) to Hugh McConomy to John McNamee .

Arthur McConomy to Arthur McConomy to Michael McConomy to Rose McConomy to John Richardson to Packie Richardson to Cathal Doyle.

Hugh Moran to John Moran to James Moran.

Charles Moran to Bernard Moran.

James Moran.

Susan Moran to Frank to Tony Moran.

Domnic Bradley to Annie Brown to John McNamee



Martha Cleary to Mathew to Mary Cleary to Francis Bradley to Lawrence Bradley .

Alice Kielt to John P Bradley.

Peter McNamee(Brian) to Pat McNamee to Johnnie Bradley (Francis) to Francis Bradley.

John McNamee to Pat McNamee to Maggie to Paddy Kelly (Corrick).

Peter McNamee to Peter (jun) to James McNamee.

John Connolly to Michael Connolly to John/Michael Connolly.

Bridget Connolly to John Connolly to John and Michael Connolly.

Bernard McNamee(Unner) to Peter McNamee to Michael Connolly.

Rose Cleary to Michael Cleary to John Cleary to Ann Conway-Cleary to Joe Conway.(Jack) to Anthony Bradley (Broughdearg)

John Molloy to John Kelly to Paddy Kelly (Brian) to Camillus Bradley

Domnic Bradley to John Bradley (John Heemish) to John Molloy to Paddy Kelly (Brian) to James McNamee.

Pat Bradley to Lawrence Bradley(Laurie Phaidi) to Joe Conway (Barney) to Michael Doyle.

Mary Bradley to Michael Bradley to Joe Conway(Barney) to Michael Doyle.

Andrew Kelly to Anne Kelly to Johnnie Kelly.(Andy) to Michael Doyle.

Thomas Bradley to Patrick Bradley.(Jane) to Joe Bradley to Patrick Bradley.

John Bradley to Francis Bradley to Johnnie Bradley(Francis) to Joe Bradley (Jane) to Patrick Bradley.

Patrick Bradley(Roddy) to John Bradley to John Bradley to Maurice Bradley.

Michael McNamee to Pat Bradley(Pat Paddy) to Johnnie Bradley to Maurice Bradley.

John Bradley to Francis Bradley

Patrick Bradley to John Bradley.(Hamish) to Joe Bradley

Francis Bradley to John Bradley to James McCullagh to Tom McSorley.
Hughie Bradley to Patrick Bradley to Patrick Bradley to MichaelDoyle.(Licenced Premises)



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Bernard O`Neill to Dan Gray to Thomas Murphy to Patrick McBride(Daniel) to Gene Kelly

Michael McNamee to John McNamee .

John Henry(no land) James McNamee(Morris)

Pat Moran(Bob) to Daniel Conway to Paddy Conway to Gene Kelly.

John Moran(Roe) to Frank Loughran to John Loughran.

Patrick McBride to Daniel to Paddy McBride to Gene Kelly.

Thomas Reilly to Mary Reilly to Thomas McSorley to Peter Molloy to Michael McKeown to John Bradley (Hollow).

Mary McCann to Peter Molloy to Michael McKeown to John Bradley (Hollow).

Francis Duffy to Patrick Bradley(Thomas) to Joe Bradley (Thomas) to Lawrence McKenna.
Arthur Conway to Rose Conway to Patrick Murray to Joe Conway (Dan) to Lawrence McKenna.

Francis Quigley and John Warnock to Peter Molloy to Michael McKeown to Joe Coyle to Paddy McKenna (Billy) to Michael Doyle (jun).

Bridget Moran to Daniel Moran to Mary Campbell(widow) to Mick Campbell to Paddy McKenna to Michael Doyle (Jun).

Redmond Moran to Pat Moran to Peter Moran to John Campbell to Johnnie Gillespie (Sophia) to Gerard Kelly.

James Gillespie to Sophia Gillespie to Johnnie Gillespie to Gerard Kelly.

John Gillespie to Billy McKenna to Thomas McKenna to Paddy McKenna.

John Gillespie to Thomas Gillespie(Sother) to Frank McNally

Ann Holly to Peter Gillespie to Frank McNally.

Dan McBride to Stephen McBride to Joseph McBride to Frank McNally.

Robert Phillips to Edward Phillips to Sinclair to Willie Bradley to Frank McNally

Andrew Moran to Peter Moran.

John Bradley to Bridget Bradley

John McNicholl to Michael Campbell.

Mary Moran to Neal Moran to Robert Kempton.

James Gillespie(Tom) to John Duffy(Moneyconey)

Dan Gray.

Peter Gillespie to Mary Gillespie to James Gillespie.

Felix McCann to Thomas Gillespie to Frank Gillespie to Hughbert Murray.

Domnic Bradley to James Gillespie to Frank Gillespie to Tommy Kelly.

James Elder to James Clerkin to Bridget Duffy.

William Taylor to James Gillespie to .

Thomas Gillespie – Francis Gillespie.

Bernard Gillespie to Pat Gillespie to Barney Gillespie to Michael Kelly to Owen Kelly.

Thomas Murphy to Pat Kelly to Dan Kelly.




Francis McNamee.

Pat Campbell

William Campbell to Pat Campbell.

Pat Moran.



Pat Cassidy to Donald Kelly to Paddy McKenna (Toal) to Fank McNally.

Michael McGillian to John Donnelly to Richard McKenna to Toal McKenna to Paddy McKenna (Toal) to Frank McNally.

Pat Clerkin to Catherine Mellon to John Mellon to James O`Hagan.

Pat Connolly to James Cleary.

Pat Flanagan to Pat Connolly(land).



Pat Connolly to Edward Connolly to Joseph Connolly

Pat Connolly to Henry Bradley

Cormac Bradley to Mary Bradley

Hugh Bradley(John) to John Kelly.

William Bradley to Andrew Bradley to Pat McBride to James Murray.

Pat Bradley(Phaidi) to Pat Bradley.

Michael Bradley to Pat Connolly..

Hugh Murray to Anne Murray.

Peter McBride(Stephen) to Rose McBride to John McBride.

Michael Bradley to James Bradley.

Owen Bradley to Brian Bradley to Frank Bradley to James Barnett.

Dan McBride.

William Barnett to Mary Barnett to John Barnett to James Sinclair.

John Duffy

Pat Duffy.

James Barnett to George Barnett.

Robert Barnett to John Sinclair.

William Barnett.

George Barnett to James Sinclair (mountain)



David Ross Moore to William McKelvey to Thomas Graham.

James McCreanor

David Ross Moore to William McKelvey.

Michael Wall to John Warnock.(house)

Michael Haran

Pat Haran

Pat Wall to John McNamee to Francis McNamee

Edward Mullan to Neal Mullan to James Treanor

Josias Sinclair to Anne Sinclair.

John Cleary to Dan Cleary to Felix O`Neill.

Nicolas Cassidy to James Cassidy.

Thomas Cleary to John Cleary to John Cleary

James Haran

Philip and Lawrence Cleary.

Robert Orr to George Orr to Ross McGeagh to George McGeagh.

James Smith to Jack Smith.

Robert Laughlin to Margaret Laughlin to Johnnie Kelly to Frank Kelly.

John Donnelly to Edward Donnelly to Jamie Flanagan to Phonsie Flanagan.

James McNamee to Michael McNamee

Elizabeth Grogan.

Henry Hamilton to Alex Hamilton.

Bernard Gillespie to Pat Gillespie.

Martha Phillips to Thomas Phillips to William Phillips.

John Sinclair to James Sinclair.(flaxmill)

Rev. Sweeney (lodge)(11 acres)

James Stewart to John Dornan to Kelso Sinclair to Harold Sinclair.

Rev. Sweeney.(4 acres)

John McCrea to William Leacock to James Bradley.

Alex McCrea to John Haran to James Sinclair.

John Dornan to James Orr to George Orr.

Thomas Bradley/Edward Bradley to Mary Bradley (N ed).

John McGeagh to Robert McGeagh.

Alex Patterson to Robert McKelvey(mill) to Dan Donnolly to Gerry Donnelly

Pat Doherty.

Joseph Hanna.

Daniel Hegarty.(John Shane)




Pat Kelly to Patrick Murphy

Pat Connolly to Charles McKenna.

Michael Flanagan to Pat Lagan.

Felix McWilliams to Michael McWilliams.

Robert Steen to Thomas Steen to George Barnett

John Bradley to Robert Steen

Anne McVey to Bridget McWilliams.

Michael Flanagan to Anne Flanagan.

Anne Mellon to Pat Mellon.

John Mellon to Owen Mellon.

Lawrence Hassan to Charles McKeown.

Michael Flanagan to Anne McVey to Bridget McWilliams.

Redmond Mellon to David Kelly to Donald Kelly.

Isobella Hagan.

William McKeown.

Michael Connery to John Hagan to Isabella Hagan to John McNamee.

Neal Deane to Pat Deane

Thomas Deane to Michael Deane.

John Connery to Brian Connery to James Connery.

Francis Cleary to Michael Flanagan.

David Graham to Michael McBride.

John Graham

James Graham to Martha Graham to Jane O`Neill.

Catherine McCullagh.

Thomas McHenry to Mervyn Robinson.

John Graham to John Sinclair(barracks)

Dan Quigley to John Graham(house)

Joseph McNamee to Anthony McNamee to Anne McNamee.
(no land)

Lawrence Hassan to Phillip Hassan.