This house was known as Morris`s but the people who lived here were the family of James McNamee.

The first McNamee to be listed as occupier of this house, was a Francis McNamee in 1856. The 1901 Census list shows widower James McNamee with his three sons, Joseph 11, James 7, John 5, along with his daughters, Mary 9 and Sarah 1. For some reason, this house was called Morris`s, possibly because of some family connections. Ten years later, there is just James, son John and daughters Mary and Catherine. Mary lived alone here for a number of years until by the end of the 1940` she sold the place to Joe McNamee, whose son still owns it. Finally, the last occupants of this house were newly weds, Francis Joseph and his wife Sophia Conway who started their family there. family. They stayed there for a short while and after they left the house remained unoccupied from then onwards. Present owner, Gerard McNamee, has made a good effort at preserving this old house, so that it will be there for people to see for years to come.