Older people would remember this place as a great ceilidh house in the area. The front door was always open and people would sit around the hearth chatting all evening.

These McBrides are the same family connection as the McBrides of Moneyconey. The last people to live here before it was demolished were Paddy and Mary (Daniel) McBride. Paddy`s father was known as Daniel Pat Biddy, which suggests that his father was Pat and his granny was Biddy. In 1856 Pat is listed as the occupier of this house. By 1901, Pat is 90 years of age and his son, Daniel is 80, his wife Catherine is 56 and they are living in a separate dwelling on the site. Daniel is 46 and is married to Mary who is 46 and they are living in a separate dwelling with their daughter Rose who is just 1 year old. By 1901, Daniel and Mary now have a daughter Rose and a son, Patrick who is 8. Old Pat is now 90 and is living with Daniel and Mary. His wife seems to be dead at this stage.

Patrick, or Paddy as he was better known became the next owner of this place and he married Mary Kelly from Crockmoran.

When Patrick was a young man, he got caught up in the politics of the day from 1919 to 1923, and joined the IRA along with his neighbour and best friend, Tom McSorley. Their escapades can be heard elsewhere on this website. (The War of Independence comes to Sixtowns)