Peter (Honour) McNamee. FOOTPRINT.

Peter McNamee was a son of Barney (Honour) McNamee. The family died out at some time in the 1880`s. Nobody knows where this nickname came from but it is possible that their mother was called Honour and the name stuck to the off springs.

Local folklore tells us that these McNamees were very adept at making poteen and that they had a very sophisticated set up at the top of the little glen above their house. The old walls of this house remained up until they were cleared to make way for the new road in 1929. Little else survives about these people. It is very likely that they were related to the other McNamees in the Hollow.

This is a two storey stone built house which was raised at some time from a thatched cottage. The roof was constructed with corrugated iron sheets which still preserves the house, 38 years after abandonment. This farmstead had the traditional farm buildings like the barn above the byre, the pigsty, fowl houses and turf shed. The farmyard was fenced in and there were gates at either end. The yard was always full of hens, ducks, geese and turkeys wandering all over the place. On wet windy days, the wind would howl through the trees around the house.

The turf shed gable with its skilful stonework