Pat John McNamee`s.

Maggie (Pat John Brian) McNamee`s.

The last person to live in this house was Maggie McNamee who was single and lived on her own here. It was part of a small clachan of McNamee houses in what was known as “The Hollow.” Maggie`s father was Pat and his father was called John. John`s father was Brian who would have built this little house at some time in the 1830s. The family became known in the area as the Pat John Brians, to distinguish them from other McNamees in the area. Pat had a brother, Hugh, who married into a family in Glenviggan and another brother called peter who lived close to Campbells in Altayeskey, near Davagh. He did not marry.

Maggie had one sister, Minnie, who was married to a Kelly from Cloughfinn and she had two sons, Dan, (Holy) Paddy and two daughters who went to live in Portstewart.

This house was the standard thatched cottage which could be found all over the Sixtowns. The corrugated iron roof has helped preserve this house and it is a fine relic of the houses of the time. Being a small holding there are few outhouses.