Many of us older folk in Sixtowns remember a small man walking timidly along the road in Owenreagh who would turn his back on oncoming traffic and look into the hedge until they passed by. This was Harry McCullagh, the last of the family to live in the Owenreagh homestead which was situated very close to Mawhinney`s house. It was a typical small thatched cottage.  He would often be seen standing along the road chatting to his near neighbour Felix O`Neill, who was a big robust man. People used to refer to the pair as David and Goliath, such was the contrast in their size. Harry was quietly very witty and sharp. Once he took a lift with John Cleary from Straw and John was winding him up about how nervous he would be when vehicles approached. Harry said, “You know John, its not save anywhere along the roads now, there is nowhere safe that you can go“. John suggested that the only safe place would be up a telegraph pole. Quick as lightening Harry replied, “You would nt even be safe there either”. John had crashed into a telegraph pole a couple of years previous to that.

In 1901, there is a Henry McCullagh 55, living here with his daughter Cathrene 10 and his two sons, Henry 7 and James Patrick 3.

Strangely enough there are no listings for this family in 1911. Perhaps Harry was away at this time and the rest were either dead or emigrated.