Tom Grahams.

Two weeks after this photo was taken, this grand old house was flattened and gone. Captured here is the preserved image of a house which could tell great stories of days gone past in Owenreagh. A large slated two storied dwelling with its adjoining outhouses, this was a substantial farmstead in its time.

In 1856 this farm and house belonged to a George Graham. By 1901, widow Margaret Graham 79, was living there with her family of Margaret 46, Eliza 44 and Mary anne 37.

Ten years later, all three are still living there and single, so it is likely that they were the last of the family line to have lived there. It seems that after the deaths of the three sisters the house and farm passed on to

Thomas and Mary Graham who lived near the mill in Cavanreagh. Their two sons were the last of the Graham name to own this place, as it passed on to John Craig whose mother was a Graham. It is now owned by Brian O`Kane  of Labby.

Grahams House 2