The Flanagans have been in Owenreagh for a long time indeed. It is believed that the first Flanagan came to the Sixtowns to work as gamekeeper for the landlord who had just purchased the church lands of the Sixtowns, from the Church of Ireland. Flanagan is a surname associated with the western end of Glen parish and it is quite possible that this Flanagan man worked for the landlord Stevenson at Tobermore before coming to Sixtowns. Of course, this explanation could be wrong but it would make sense.

In 1832 there are listed, two Flanagans, Charles and Patrick who each own a house and land. Then in 1856 Pat is listed as gamekeeper and still has a house and land. Michael Flanagan has a house and several farms in Owenreagh. That would have been unusual in those times, as most tenants would only have one farm. Michael seems to have lived in the house which would have been the traditional home of the present day Flanagans in Owenreagh.

At some stage in the 1880s, the house and farm passed to Anne Flanagan. In 1901 Anne is still living there with her son Patrick 23 and daughter Annie 20. Also living there is nephew Daniel Grey. In 1911,  Patrick and his sister Mary are living there along with their nephew, Bernard Murray.

Michael got married to a sister of Frank Loughran in Crockban and they had four sons, Paddy, Peter, James and John. They also had two daughters Roseanne (McCrysta)l and Nellie (McGregor.)  James`s grandson Gavin Flanagan has built a new house on the site of the old one and lives there with his family. John`s family live just down the road from the old family house.