Micheal Cormac Bradley`s house stood just to the left of the lane junction with the main road.

Cormac Bradley would have built this house for his family. He would have been part of the clachan which sat where Shepherd`s Rest is now. This house only disappeared in the mid 1970`s after the last owner, Joe (Barney) Conway died. The farm is now part of the Doyle farm. Cormac married Mary and their son Michael married Ann and they had a son Patrick and a daughter Eliza.

Cormac left the farm to his son Michael who then passed it on to his son Patrick. There is a story about another son who left suddenly eo go to America after getting into a bit of trouble with the gamekeeper. Apparently, he was out poaching birds on the mountain one day when the gamekeeper spotted him and gave chase. In order to scare him off the young Bradley fired a shot at the gamekeeper. By the time the lad arrived back home the story had reached his parents who were very angry and said that he had disgraced his family. Young Bradley gathered up some belongings and told his parents that they would never have that to say about him tagain and he left and joined a group of people who were heading for America and was never heard of again.