There has been Bradleys living in Moyard for at least the last 350 years. In the Hearthmonies Survey of 1664, there is listed a Domhnail O Brolchain (Bradley) in Moyard. Then local  folklore tells us that at some time in the 1700`s, when the Church  of Ireland were the landlords in Sixtowns, that the townland of Moyard was given to two O Brolchain (Bradley) brothers on condition that they would become members of that church. It turned out that the brothers took the townland but reneged on the rest of the deal. The Church of Ireland at that time would have not been in a position to enforce the deal since their headquarters ws in Raphoe, and a long way from Sixtowns and in a short time, two thirds of the townland of Moyard was taken up by O Brolchains, although they had to change their names to Bradley.

My grandfather`s full traditional nickname was Johnnie Pat Roddy Hugh Roddy, i.e, Johnnie, son of Pat, son of Roddy, son of Hugh, son of Roddy. This brings us well back into the 1700`s.

This is Roger Bradley`s house (later known as Pat Roddy`s)

Hugh Bradley had three sons, Patrick, Roger and Manus. He divided up his farm on the three sons, who in turn built three houses for their families. These men, over time, must have become accomplished stone masons, judging by the number of stone buildings which they built. Further evidence of this is the fact that Roger, along with James McNally (Glenviggan), had the contract of building St. Patrick`s chapel in Sixtowns in the 1850`s. Lime would have been drawn by horse and cart from Desertmartin and burned in a lime kiln. The ruins of which remain just below Roger`s house. The foundations were made of large stones which were broad enough to support a two storey building. The beams for the roof were dug up from the bog .So, barring the slates and glass, all materials for building was sourced locally.

The dwelling house was built first and a few years later, the byre and barn were added on. The smaller thatched building attached to the upper gable of the dwelling house, was always referred to as `Manus`s place` because that is where Roger Bradley`s brother Manus lived with his wife and family. There was a beautiful little hearth inside the house.

Roger Bradley built this house around the 1840s to replace a smaller dwelling.  He was a stonemason and that is probably why the house is a two storey, with a byre and barn attached to the lower gable and a stable to the upper one. There is also a turf shed. This house would have been typical of many other two storey farmhouses in the Sixtowns area. The barn would have a door in both the front and back to create a draft for thrashing and winning the oats. Roger married Mary McNamee from Curragh brae, Glengamna  and they had three sons, Peter, James and Hugh, who went to USA and one son Pat who stayed on the farm. They had three daughters, Ellen who married James Bradley, a teacher who lived in Strawmore school house. There were four priests, two doctors and a teacher in the family. Bridget married Francis  Fox from Greencastle, Co Tyrone and Mary married Andy Wilson from Desertmartin and they had five sons and seven daughters. Hugh left for America in 1850 at the age of 17 and eventually settled in Johnstown Pennsylvania where he worked all his career in the Cambria Ironworks. He had two famous sons, John Roger and Edward Reilly Bradley, who feature elsewhere on this website. They ran America`s most famous gambling casino in Palm Beach Fl. Edward owned a famous race horse ranch in Lexington Ky.and he held the all time record for Kentucky Derby winning horses, for his lifetime. John Roger was a world famous big game huntsman and he sponsored the first man to reach the North Pole.

Roger`s son, Pat married Anne Duffy from Goles glen and they had two sons, Peter and John. Peter went to San Francisco and John stayed at home on the farm. He is pictured below with family members. They also had six daughters, Margaret, Bridget, Mary, Sarah, Ellen and Annie. Margaret married Daniel Deeney from Donegal and both she and Daniel came to teach in the newly co ed Draperstown school. Mary married John Kelly(Glenviggan) and reared three boys, Joe, Francis, John and two daughters, Mary and Ellen.  Sarah, Ellen and Annie were dressmakers and ran a dressmakers shop in Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Peter went to America and when he could not find work on the east coast he left and headed for San Francisco. At that time there had been an earth quake in the city and many buildings were destroyed or damaged. He got work repairing chimneys and roves and made good money. He eventually started his own construction company and did really well. He married but his wife died and so he got married about ten years later to a lady by the name of Rooney and they had a son and a daughter. Peter came home in 1934 for a short holiday and then returned to California. He died young, in his 60`s.

John married Sarah Gormley from Goles Bridge and they had two sons, John and Patrick (died in infancy) and two daughters Bridget and Maryanne.  Bridget died when a boarder in Omagh convent. Maryanne married Charlie McConnell and lived in Cahore, while John married Annie (Dophie) Nicholas from Drumnaspar, near Plumbridge.

(Back row) Bridget, Peter Fox (cousin), Eileen (Deeny), Pat Roddy, Sarah. (Front) Annie, Fr. Fox (cousin), John, Ellen (Boyle)


Pat (Roddy) Bradley with his family and nephews. (missing Mary, below and Peter USA)

Roger`s son Hugh left home at the age of 17 and went to America, arriving at New Orleans, from where he made his way north and finally settled in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where he worked for the rest of his life in Cambria Ironworks there. When the Civil War broke out Hugh volunteered for service and reached the rank of captain before the war was over.

Hugh married Mary Riley and had three sons, Edward Riley, John Roger and Peter Garvey. The couple had two daughters, Mary and Katherine. Edward and John made a fortune running gambling casinos and they owned the world`s  most famous casino, at that time, in Palm Beach Fla. Edward also ran a race horse stud farm in Lexington, Ky. And he owned four winners of the Kentucky Derby, an all time record while he was alive. John Roger, his brother and business partner, became one of the worlds top ten Big Game Hunters. He also sponsored the first man to reach the North Pole, supplying the ship, money and equipment.

Roger and Mary Bradley`s daughter Ellen, married James Bradley who was the teacher in Strawmore School. They had three sons, Tom, Patrick and John who became priests and two sons, Joseph and Frank who became doctors. Their daughter Mary was principal of Draperstown Girls School for 43 years.

Pat married Anne Duffy (Brianie) from Goles glen and worked the home farm. They had six daughters, Brigid, Sarah, Eileen (Deeny) Annie, Mary (Kelly) and Ellen (O `Boyle).  They had two sons, John and Peter. Peter went to America and made his home in San Francisco. John stayed on the farm. He married Sarah Gormley from Goles Bridge and they had two sons John and Patrick (died in infancy) and two daughters Bridget (died while a boarder in Omagh Convent) and Mary Anne who married Charlie McConnell from Cahore.