The original house  was built by Padraig Bradley who passed it on to his son John who then passed it on to his son, Francis. He eventually passed it on to his son, John, who was the last of the family to live there with his wife Annie (Monaghan) and family. Then, an uncle who lived in the Hollow called Pat McNamee, died and left his house and farm to Johnnie. He then moved up to the Hollow and abandoned this house. Johnnie died young , leaving a widow and a young family. The family of his son, Francis, still live there today.

Some years after Johnnie left, the little metal roved cottage was given a new roof and the walls outside and in, were plastered giving it a more modern look. Around 2009, it was knocked down and the site cleared for a new house.

Living in this house in 1901 was Francis Bradley and his wife Bridget. They have a son, John and daughters Maggie and Mary. There was also an aunt, 80 year old Bridget Bradley and a nephew John Bradley who was 15.

Johnnie (Francis) Bradley and his wife Annie (Monaghan)