Hugh Bradley (John) is listed in 1856 as living in this house which was situated on the lower side of the road close to Murray`s. In 1901, there is a Catherine McGuigan, 40, living there with her young son, Joseph who is 8 years old. The place was eventually sold to Francis Kelly from Glenviggan. Then at some time in the early 1950`s the place was sold to John Loughran from Crockban in Altayeskey. There may just be a few remnants of the old walls of this house left. Francis Kelly`s mother was one of  these Bradleys and this is why he ended up owning it. There was once a son of these Bradleys who lived in this house in the late 1800`s. He was known to be a troublesome character and gave his widowed mother a hard time. He was known locally as the Jagger and he drank a lot. He was on his way home from the Fair in Draperstown after a days drinking and he fell headlong into a stream which crossed the Sixtowns road in Owenreagh, as he tried to get a drink of water. Her could not get out and he drowned in the stream. There is a story told about him behaving badly on his mother at home. He was sitting by the fireside, threatening to throw himself into it as well as making other threats which alarmed his mother, who could not handle him. She decided to go and seek the advice of her friend Mary Pat Roddy, in Moyard. Mary came immediately with her back to the house in Moneyconey. Where the Jagger was still sitting by the fire. Now Mary was known to be a woman who did not suffer fools easily.  The first thing that she did was to bring in a creel of turf and loaded up the fire. She then threw a lash of oil on the turf and lit it. When the flames started to lick up the chimney she reaches for the Jagger and shouts, “right boy, in you get!”.  Up jumped the Jagger and out through the door in terror.

In the 1930s a labourer called Pat Murray lived in this house.