There is a field across the Moneyconey road from John Joe McNamees house which was always known as ` Cormac`s meadow.`  In the centre of that meadow once stood the Bradley homestead. Since there were a lot of Bradleys in Moneyconey at a time, it is difficult to follow the family lineage back to 1830. We know that widow Mary Bradley was the head of the house in 1856 and she had at least one son, Cormac who, along with his wife Alice reared their son James and daughters Bridget and Mary on this little farm. In 1901 James was 36, Bridget was 28 and Mary was 26.  In 1911, Cormac is widowed and James and Mary are still  living there, so we could assume that neither of them married.  Whatever became of these three people, the farm was eventually sold to Francis Kelly from Glenviggan some time in the 1930`s and then, after his sudden death in America, it passed to his younger son Johnny. When Johnny moved to Cockhill in the early 1950`,s he sold the place to John Loughran from Crockban in Altayeskey. The old walls of Cormac`s house are long gone but most locals still know where Cormac`s meadow is.