This house once belonged to an Edward Connolly whose brother lived in a house a little further up.  In 1856 Edward was living here but by 1885 he was gone and we can assume that he had died. Then by 1901, Henry Bradley is living there with his wife, Bridget and their  family of Daniel, James and Maryanne. We do not know if Henry Bradley “married in” to this place or if he actually bought it. Henry was known as Henry Cormac, which suggests that he was of the Cormac Bradley family who lived across the field from Connolly`s. It is possible that Bridget was Edward Connolly`s daughter then. By 1911, Maryanne has married Johnny (Molly) McNamee from Altayeskey. Another  daughter married Damlec Campbell from Altayeskey  and a third  one married Charlie (Ardan) McCrory from Davagh. Bridget is 70 years of age and widowed, living with sons, Daniel 21 and James 19. Henry married Kate McNamee from the Hollow, Moyard. They had no family so eventually Henry willed the place to his nephew Pat McNamee, who married Nellie Donnelly, from Straw, and reared his family there. His son John Joe has built a new house on the original house site.