This was Johnnie Molloy`s house where he lived with his sister, Susie. The farm and house was passed onto them by their father John. Neither was married, so they adopted a nephew called John Kelly (Brian) from Glengamna to help them run the farm. This was a common tradition in Ireland in those days, where older people who had no children would adopt a young relation who would come and help them run the farm and in the end, they would leave the place to them. It was a win win for both parties. John Kelly came and lived there until he died in 1958. He was a bachelor and he was known to neighbours as Kelly Molloy. This farmhouse once had a barn and byre which are gone, as well as various outhouses. The house was raised from a thatched cottage to a two story building and had an unusual rendering of coloured broken glass mixed with the pebble dash, something which was a style for a short period. When John Kelly died, he left the house and farm to his two nephews, Jim and Paddy (Brian) Kelly and the house was rented for quite a few years. It has recently been demolished to make a new site. Firstly, Jim Brian Kelly and family lived there.

Then newly weds ,Hugh and Sadie McKenna lived there for a short time and then Peter McGuigan (Derrynoid cottages) lived there for a few years,