In 1856, the owner of this house was Michael McNamee. He reared his family in this house. Then the farm passed on to his son John who by 1901 was married to Bridget and they had a son, John(Jun) 24 and a daughter, Ellen. 19. Then John (Jun) married Mary Anne (Henry) Bradley, from Moneyconey and he built a new house down along the Sixtowns road, close to the end of Glenviggan road.

McNamee (Molly) Old Photo

This was a good stone built house with its byre and barn attached. This house has been derelict for over a hundred years and has survived because its thatched roof was replaced with metal and the slates were maintained well over the years. There is a stone built stair up to the barn.

McNamee (Molly) Present Day