This house originally belonged to a Quinn family (most likely o f the Broughderg Henry Quinn connection) but passed to a McCullagh when he married Mary Quinn. It was then bought by Peter Molloy of Moyard and it eventually was left to Paddy (Brian) Kelly. It lies along the county march.

We can see that the house was of a reasonable size which would reflect the size of the 300 acre mountain farm which was attached to it. This farm bordered Doraville mountain estate and  local folk folklore tells us that the old Molloy man who eventually took over from the McCullaghs, used to allow his sheep to graze permanently on the Brackagh North and Brackagh South parts of the estate. There would have been no wire fences in those days and the owners of Doraville would have been a bit lax about stray sheep on their lands. Encouraged by this it is said that Molloy left Brackagh North to one of his sons and Brackagh South to the other one, in his will. Its not known if the owners of Doraville were informed.