Just beyond the white hoardings, in the trees once stood the old walls of the first Conway house in Glenviggan, owned by Bernard Conway. It was later bought by a man from Moneyconey called Frank (Eoin) Bradley and his family were the last occupants of the house. Local old people claimed that this was the birthplace of Neal Conway, Bishop of Derry during the Penal Times, and who is buried in the old churchyard at Moneyconey. This farm passed on to James McNally who was married to Frank Eoin`s daughter.

John jamie Ned

The gable wall of the building in the centre of the picture, is that of the home of John (Jamie Ned) Bradley and his sisters, Catherine and Martha. John`s father was James Bradley and his mother was Catherine. Their family were the last occupants of that house. John`s father was Jamie and his grandfather Ned, hence the nickname, John Jamie Ned. John was a well known character in the area, a known crack shot and hunter, prankster, Republican and athlete. On one occasion when John was out poaching with a friend, they were surprised by a group of policemen who called them from a distance to halt. John and his friend decided to make a run for it across the mountain. There was one of the policemen who claimed to be an Ulster champion runner and he declared ,“ Let them run, for as soon as I get myself ready to run, I will catch these boys easily“. He eventually took off and the chase was on. John`s friend soon ran out of puff and John hid him in the rushes before continuing his run. The policeman never caught up with him and eventually gave up the chase.

His brother Father Bonaventure was a chaplain in the British Army, during the Boer War and was later based in Clonmel,Co. Tipperary, where he is buried. He built a retirement house for himself close to the family house here in Glenviggan. In 1919, John volunteered the barely finished building to the IRA who made it into the HQ of the Second Northern Division. This house was later completely renovated and became the home of the O Hagan/Church family.

Bonaventure Bradley

Rev. Bonaventure Bradley.