This house was first occupied by a James McCrory. It then passed on to Eddie Kelly. In 1901, Eddie`s Family is listed as: Edward 56 and his wife Susan 56, their sons, Patrick 30, Edward 20, Francis 14 and their daughters, Ann 16 and Ellen 11. Eddie was a blacksmith by trade and his son Edward carried on the business. Another of his sons set up a blacksmith shop in Broughderg, near Devlin`s bar. Some of the family worked in the bar trade in Belfast. Eddie Ned, as he was known locally was the last occupant of this house. The farm then passed to the Tammy Conway family who still have it.

The last family to live here was that of Barney Clerkin and his second wife, Susie (Hamish). Barney`s father was called Patrick. The house and farm next to it, McNamee`s) was also Clerkin and would have been all the same family at a time but divided up between two sons, as was the custom then. The Griffiths Valuation 1856, lists a Brian Clerkin as the owner of this farm. These Clerkins could possibly have come up here from lower down the parish when the landlord was extending his tenancies and moving families up into the mountains. These Clerkins may also have come from the Cleary clachan in Cavanreagh. The surname Clerkin is believed to be a form of Cleary. The house has some fine stonework and these people may have been stonemasons at a time.