On this site once stood two houses. One house belonged to Michael McConomy whose father was called Ned. He had a son called Hugh and he had a son called James who was known in the area as James Hugh Mhici. His son was Joe (Jack) Conway, who lived in Moyard. James was married to Ann Cleary (Moyard) and she eventually moved back there. In 1901, there is Hugh Conway, his daughter, Annie and his son James and his wife Annie, living here.

The other Conway house once belonged to Arthur Conway, who may have been a brother of Michael. He left the farm to his son Michael and he passed it on to Rose Conway. Mary Conway then adopted a nephew called Johnny Richardson, from Ballyknock, Maghera and he got married and reared his family in that house. They had two sons, Packie and James as well as two daughters, Detta and Katie.

The two families eventually died out. However, a son of Arthur, Dan, married a Moran woman and moved to her farm in Altayeskey. They had two sons Joe and Patrick. Patrick lived at home and never married while Joe married Mary McBride (Johnny Peter) from Moneyconey and they reared their family in a house closer to the Chapel. They had one son, Dan and three daughters, Vera (Kelly), Bridget ( ) and Teresa (Campbell. This house has been replaced with a new bungalow.

Cathal Doyle has built a new house on the former site of these two Conway houses in Crockmoran.