These old walls, just off the road at the top of Tullybrick Glen,  were once the home of Domnic Bradley.

Domnic or Damlec,  as he would have been known at that time, would have been dead by  1856 when John Bradley was listed as the head of this house. It is a small holding which runs from the Shilling Hill up to the top of the 1895 the farm is in the ownership of Bridget Bradley. By 1901, Bridget is 99 years of age and has handed the farm over to her so Francis who is 58 and unmarried. Then by 1911, there is only Francis living there, a 68 year old bachelor. This house and farm then came into the ownership of James (Roddy) Bradley from Moneyconey who may have been a close relative. It is now owned by Art McNally who built a house at the lower end of the farm, by the Sixtowns road.