In the clump of trees in the centre of the photograph lies the remains of what was once Daniel Hegarty`s house.

If you turn off the Owenreagh Road and follow the Glengamna  Lane until you cross a small bridge, you will see, on your right, a clump of trees about 100 metres down a field. This is the foot print of Daniel Hegarty`s house. Daniel was living there in 1856 and although little information is available on him. We know that he had at least one brother,  Francis, who was born on December 8 1830. Francis went off to join a religious order and became known as Brother Francis. He died in Clongowes Wood College, Co. Kildare, on March 5 1915. His name can be found in the list of religious people in the parish history book, Ballinascreen.  Daniel was still living in this house until the 1880s but there is no trace of this family in the 1901 Census. The house is gone and the farm passed to the Donnellys who lived next to them. Many of the stones from this house were taken away to make a flax dam, in the 1940s.