Altayeskey Primary School was founded in 1832 and is one of our oldest buildings. Sadly, it closed its doors for good in 2017. It`s first principal was Master McBride who was replaced by two Master McKennas, consecutively and as it turned out, the last principal was a Mrs McKenna (nee McBride).

The building would at first have been thatched and the walls whitewashed. It would have had various and limited upgrades over it`s lifetime. It was built as a National School for all religions but in 1896 the churches disagreed over religious instruction in the school and the Protestant pupils moved from Altayeskey to the newly built `wee school` in Cavanreagh. Up until St. Colm`s High School opened in 1961, pupils attended the school until they were 15 and this kept the attendance numbers high. Then, eventually as numbers dwindled the school eventually had to close its doors for good.